Easy Conversation over Eggs Over Easy

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I’m a firm believer there’s no such thing as coincidence. Things happen for a reason!

At breakfast this morning, my friend and I said a friendly good morning to the cook who delivered our food thinking he would give a simple cordial reply. It isn’t often that conversations are started with complete strangers bringing you eggs over easy and rye toast, so his response was almost unexpected. He said he was gearing up for his busy day working hard at two jobs. He offered almost in passing that he was writing a book and working hard to bring his dream of becoming a published author to life.

Writing? Author? Published? Well…this immediately started a conversation about our common goals and interests. After delivering another table their blueberry pancakes, he actually sat down with us and beautifully articulated his vision to inspire youth through his stories about overcoming obstacles and choices. OMG! He inspired us, why wouldn’t he inspire youth? My friend and I were able to brainstorm with this ambitious young man and provided him with ideas that clearly ignited his energy.  That’s when you know you’re on the right path.

When your eyes catch sight of your dream, the light reflected is brilliant.

We exchanged information and sincerely mean to stay connected in some way. Even if our meeting doesn’t ultimately change the direction of any one of our lives, it definitely changed our day. And isn’t that what CAN set the course for the next day and the day after that?

Open your eyes and ears to who steps into your path when you least expect it, my friends. It may not be a coincidence!




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