The Bird and The Swine

 bird has no need for rainboots

Nothing says JOY like the ritual of a fresh beginning. This time of year brings a flurry of bridal showers, graduation ceremonies, family reunions, weddings, baby showers, SCREEEEEEECH…..Did I just say joy?  I was really thinking crap.

Because nothing screams dysfunction like inviting ghosts from seasons past to the same party.

No matter what the history is with your college roommate the prude, ex-husband the jerk, or cousin Meg the know it all; remember this is a season for all things new. Obviously, you can’t change others but the new can be YOU!

It’s the largest swine that can’t lift themselves out of the mud, so refuse to wallow in it with them. This can be a season for slush, muck and a heavy layering of proverbial $h*#.

When you see it’s getting deep…ascend, my friend.

And Happy Spring!

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