Go In Peace…But For Christ’s Sake- Just Go!

Is this even possible?!

I don’t mean to be irreverent in my title. Hear me out before you call me out.

There’s a theme in my in-box lately from followers and friends. Seems we’re stuck in a rut of one kind or another, girlfriends. I’m not pointing fingers – I’m speaking to myself here too!

I’m no theologian and I’m definitely no preacher, but I can’t help stepping up to the pulpit to try and shed some divine light on the subject.

There are countless stories in the bible of the afflicted seeking to be healed. They spend years, if not a lifetime, crippled, bleeding, blind and diseased. Predictably waking every morning in a state of despair, wishing for relief; only to start another day in the same old exhausting routine.

Until one day healing comes – in an instant! Because they asked? Because the timing was right? Because they believed? Maybe all of the above. I don’t know. But it happened.

I really wonder about the rest of the story. We know these individuals were transformed, but did some of them have an “adjustment” period to realize they had been changed completely, forever?

Jesus didn’t say to the woman who touched his hem, “Come with me, Sister! Grab your dope shoes and let’s parade around the commons!”

No. He said “Go in peace, you are healed of your affliction”. There was no dancing, no singing; no shouting from the rooftops.

He didn’t say to the blind man “Feast your eyes on every little thing of beauty – place yourself in front of it and shout to all your friends “LOOK AT ME”!” (That would be the ancient form of a selfie in case you’re wondering…)

No. He said “Go, wash in the pool….” He sent him on his way without fanfare.

Even in the cases when intercessors brought a loved one for healing (and that’s a whole other Oprah), Jesus was immediate in his response. He didn’t say to the crippled man who was lowered on a cot through the roof by his buddies, “Take your home boys by the honkey-tonk and buy ‘em a round! You can dance now, big guy!”

No. He said “pick up your mat and Go”. There was no need for excessive celebration.

I can’t help but wonder what was going through the minds of these people. Is it possible for the next several days they were in a mini state of shock? Did they wake up for the next several mornings in that same old state of mind until their new reality came into focus? Is it possible that waking with a weary soul was a hard habit to break?

Do WE sometimes fall victim to habitual thinking? It can be hard to recognize that growth and healing progress every day. It seems when we’re heavy hearted the music we listen to (even Christian music with a message of hope!), the readings we dive into for encouragement or the tears we shed over a bowl of ice cream are necessary for a while….BUT…eventually, ALL of this serves to hold us back from our intended healing because it tricks us into believing we’re still SAD!

It’s important to understand that our hearts can, finally, change in an instant. The moment may come without flourish. There will likely be no parade, no sound of trumpets, no fireworks or dazzling star displays.

Perhaps one day, we just hear that still small voice saying, “Go. It’s time to move forward”.

Healing moments should never be lost simply because they aren’t as dramatic as the moments that wound us.

If you’ve been an emotional hostage so long you haven’t even noticed the cell door is rusted off its hinges, it’s time to knock it down and walk away. And Go In Peace.

Can I hear an “AMEN!”?

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