facebook withdrawals

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Here’s the story peeps. I don’t post much on Facebook so my guess is you have no idea how much you’ve missed me. I deleted my FB app from my phone 21 days ago. It’s still on my computer so I’m not completely floating in no man’s land. It’s there if I REALLY need it.

The first few days were the hardest. Like breaking ANY habit, I had to consciously make the decision to avoid scrolling through my home page. I had to find some other way to waste my time. Some other punk to rob the minutes I say I never have enough of.

Facebook is awesome when it comes to keeping loose contact with people you don’t see on a regular basis. I LOVE seeing old friends post pics and know they’re doing well! I admit, though, that I’ve fallen into a false sense of intimacy with each of these folks and tend to worry if I haven’t seen “so and so” for quite a while, or wonder about who “so and so” is dating; or that “so is so” only posts in their work out clothes…like anyone can spend THAT much time at the gym.

But despite all the good stuff, I sometimes feel a little disillusioned. Like my life isn’t nearly as exciting or happy or successful. HOW does everyone travel so much, or go to so many events, or receive so many awards and HOW do they keep such romance in their marriage and peace in their household with teenagers?   I feel awful for the young adults today who grew up on FB and this kind of comparison is the only life they know!

Don’t get me started on those gorgeous pictures either. How many hundreds of pics must people take to get that one “postable” shot?! In mine, someone looks like they’re having a stroke, choking on saliva or just come off a drunken bender. I even bought a selfie stick thinking this might be the secret. It’s not. And since I don’t want anyone worrying about me and my family – I “delete” those less than flattering shots and call it quits.

After three weeks of going cold turkey on FB, I admit I started to feel less disconnected from the image of other people’s lives and got a lot more connected to the reality of my own.

I’ve taken a few walks around the lake at sunset. My husband and I went for ice cream at the local soda shop like a couple of teenagers (1950’s innocent teens anyway). My kids and I took the dog to the park for a picnic and played Frisbee. We went to an outdoor concert. We lit the fire pit and made homemade ice cream…Who knew my life could be so enjoyable once I stopped comparing it to everyone else’s?!

I do wish I had some killer pics to share, but hey, take my word…we looked like models in all this togetherness.

This week, I started introducing social media again occasionally instead of daily and I scroll through with a much lighter perspective. Keep sharing your good news, exciting weekends and deep thoughts, my friends! I realize you haven’t likely missed me, but I really have missed you. J

One thought on “facebook withdrawals

  1. Well! That explains everything!
    I wasn’t getting enough attention from you as you so audaciously decided to live your OWN life!
    I’ve been waving to you over the Facebook fence, trying to get your attention, to show my latest “stroke” face (love that!) or my daily life as a *yawn* high paid fashion model.
    So fine. I’m relieved you’re okay, even…happy. Now will you just “like” some of my incredible pictures and hilarious posts so I know I exist 😜!!!


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